Spanish Saudi Business Association

Asociación Empresarial Hispano Saudi


جمعية الأعمال الإسبانية السعودية


AEHS is a private institution established to develop business relationships between companies from both countries.

Who We Are


AEHS’s main objective is the promotion and development of business activities between companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Spain in accordance with the principles of economic freedom and private initiative, social responsibility and the general interest, as well as representing the interests of his associates.

Advantages of the Association


  • Provides access to exclusive benefits and services.
  • It offers the possibility of attending events of other associations with which we have a collaboration agreement.
  • Presentation of companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Organization of conferences and seminars.
  • Possibility of publishing your job offers and job requests
  • Website: presence of the company’s contact information registered in the member directory of the website and promotion of the companies’ activity.



D. Julio Gomez Corredor

Vice president

D. Rafael Cabezas Valeriano


D. Sebastián Lorusso

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